Stubby Saves Christmas

Author’s description: Did you know there are 13 Santa Clauses in Iceland called the Yule Lads? Well there totally are! Stubby Saves Christmas is about one of them, called Stubby. Stubby is rather, well ... stubby. Duh! And he’s not too happy about it. In fact, he’s so unhappy about it that he has decided to stop being a Yule Lad altogether, in protest! That is, until he sees that THE Santa Claus has crashlanded right on the side of his mountain, in Iceland. Santa desperately needs help to get back to the North Pole and Stubby very reluctantly steps up to the challenge. They go on a big adventure to find ways to fix Santa’s sleigh. They meet trolls with giant boogers, weirdo Elves and a big fat dragon! Will they manage to save Christmas?


Ari HG Yates